The following is the text of the 2015 North Buckhead Security Survey

North Buckhead Civic Association Survey
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The purpose of this survey is to quantify support for possible security improvements in all of or part(s) of North Buckhead.  Personal information provided in response to this survey will not be made public.  Email addresses provided won't be added to NBCA's email list without the owner's consent.  Analyses will be made and published about geographical segments of the neighborhood without identifying survey participants. 


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Do you think resident-funded security patrols and/or security camera system are needed in North Buckhead's in some or all residential areas? 


Security patrols may not be of interest to high-rise residents but security cameras may be.  Survey results will be analyzed with these differences in mind. 

No - Neither security patrols nor camera systems are needed.
Yes - only security patrols are needed.
Yes - only a security camera system is needed.
Yes - security patrols AND camera system are both needed.
Required 3.
 Neighborhood-funded security patrols and camera systems are not inexpensive.  How much might you be willing to provide for part-time, randomly scheduled patrols in your part of the neighborhood including your street and/or a camera system focused mostly on the neighborhood's perimeter as advised by security experts? 


By selecting an amount, you are not committing to pay that much.  The actual requested payment, if any, may be lower or higher.  We just want to understand how committed you are to having improved security.  Based on the information we collect, NBCA can explore possible approaches and coverage areas for improving neighborhood security.


Contacts with a large Buckhead neighborhood patrol suggest that $300 might be an appropriate annual contribution for a security patrol without camera support.   


How much is the most you might be willing to subscribe for?  Pick one.

$100 per year
$200 per year
$300 per year
$400 per year
$500 per year
$600 per year
$700 per year or more
Required 4.
Are you willing to help plan, help administer or help find subscribers for security patrol/camera improvements in the North Buckhead neighborhood?
Do you have additional comments about this topic or this survey? 

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