Code Enforcement

Office of Code Enforcement, City of Atlanta

Mission - To ensure safe and sanitary conditions in housing and commercial properties through effective code enforcement efforts.

Vision - To make the City of Atlanta a better place to live, work, play, and conduct business through the laws and regulations governing code enforcement.

Four ways to submit a code violation

Check the status of your Code Request

Code of Ordinances - (See Helpful Documents, below)

What they do - The Bureau of Code Compliance is responsible for the inspection and enforcement of residential and commercial properties that violate the Atlanta Housing Code, Graffiti Ordinance, and/or Commercial Maintenance and Industrial Code. Properties are inspected for violations such as:

Our Code Enforcement Contact:

To contact City of Atlanta Code Enforcement, please use the following contact info.  Please sent a CC to NBCA's Code Enforcement Liaison, Michelle Carver, at   

Officer Stephen S. Clair
Code Enforcement Officer
City Of Atlanta
Atlanta Police Department-Community Service Division
Code Enforcement Section
5S Trinity Avenue, Suite 3450, City Hall
Atlanta, GA 30303-3520
Phone: (404) 330-6735
Fax: 404-658-7084

If for some reason you don't reach officer Clair just call the main number for the code enforcement department.

Always be sure to follow up on your calls and/or emails.

Helpful Documents