If You Have A Problem with City Services



Step One


Call the Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services           404-330-6026



Step Two


Call the appropriate City Departments:


Atlanta Fire Department (non-emergency)                                             404-853-7000


Atlanta Police Department (non-emergency)                                          404-853-3434


Code Enforcement Office                                                                     404-330-6190


Highways and Street Department                                                          404-330-6245


Public Works Department – One Call Customer Center                           404-659-6757


Pothole Posse                                                                                       404-768-4653


Sanitation Department                                                                         404-330-6250


Sewer Department                                                                               404-624-0750


Traffic and Transportation                                                                  404-330-6501


Water                                                                                                 404-658-6500


Step three


If the problem persists, call your Councilmember


Atlanta City Council                                                                             404-330-6030