North Buckhead Greenspace Nominations

August 2001


These greenspace nominations were submitted to Janeane Giarrusso of the Bureau of Planning of the City of Atlanta on July 31, 2001. We understand that the finalist nominations submitted by all neighborhoods will be submitted for a City Council vote on September 17, 2001.

These parcels were selected by members of the board of NBCA. None of the owners of these parcels were contacted during the nomination process.

North Buckhead is still a beautiful neighborhood, but during recent years it has been under attack.

North Buckhead is still under the threat of losing its greenspace as infill subdivisions and redevelopment continues. To the extent that can be afforded, North Buckhead's remaining greenspace deserves protection, in spite of the fact that land is very expensive. This is fair because many of the above events which destroyed North Buckhead greenspace were good for the City, at least in an economic sense -- the tax rolls have swelled. Further, North Buckhead is very large compared to the the many hundreds of neighborhoods in Atlanta -- we occupy roughly 2% of the City's land area!

In the map below, the green shading indicates the nominated parcels; the purple is the Blue Heron Nature Preserve. These areas, if you let your mouse cursor pause over them will give you a short description of the site; if you click on the green area, you will be linked to the application form we submitted. The other colors on the map were there when I copied it from the City's Comprehensive Development Plan.

(The map immediately below is big, about 1 MB, and may take a while to load.)