Pets - Lost & Found in North Buckhead

How to report a lost/found pet

If you have lost or found a pet, please send an email to

Please include your name, your approximate address, and a way to contact you (email address or phone number). Please include a description of the animal (include a photo if you have one and) and when it was lost/found.


You can also call North Buckhead's lost pet coordinator, Natalie Spalding, 4/231-0646


Added 7/1/08:

The picture is of an adult female, extremely friendly (including with our dog and toddler). I believe she is declawed front and back. For those not downloading the picture, she is short-haired orange, brown and black with swirl patterns on her back and stripes of the same color on her tail, with white on her face and green eyes. The other cat is a younger adult, intact male. He is short-haired, really VIVID orange with a white bib, white rings around his tail and amber/golden eyes. As my toddler says, he's exactly the colors of orange juice and milk.

They are both extremely friendly and scratch at the door to come in. She still had a thick coat when she arrived (now shedding). Both have lost weight rapidly (despite feeding) but otherwise seem healthy. They curl up together every night and seem to have a close bond with each other.

If anyone has lost these pets, or if anyone knows their history prior to May, call Catherine at 404-497-0778 or email