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2006 North Buckhead area crime maps

Would you like to know where serious crimes happen in the Buckhead area?  We have gathered and summarized APD data for a 50-week period from 2006 to let you know.  Don't let these maps frighten you -- they cover a year's worth of serious crime in a very large, generally safe part of Atlanta.

Are there limitations to these maps?  Yes! -- so be sure to read all of "Discussion of Methodology", available as a separate link below or in any of the 3 printable reports. 

Sample map

Discussion of methodology
Printable 5 page summary report - PDF format - 689 KB
Printable 11 page detailed report - PDF format - 1940 KB (Big file!)
These maps are detailed, 3100 x 3400 pixels of map area, but are compressed to speed up downloading.
Printable 11 page full detail report - PDF format - 8596 KB (Very Large!)
These maps are detailed, 3100 x 3400 pixels, and are uncompressed -- they are detailed enough that all neighborhood street names and be read if you zoom in enough.
New 3-3 March '07 Newsletter article - PDF 618KB

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Atlanta Police Department Zone 2
Direct line to Zone 2 Police Precinct 404-848-7231 
(Business hours Mon thru Fri)
  404-848-7202 Fax 
Direct line to Zone 2 Lenox Mall mini-precinct 404-467-8061
  404-467-8377 Fax

City of Atlanta Police Web Site

Please report all suspicious persons to 911

Maps of Atlanta Police Precincts

Map of all zone precincts and beats (small file 82KB)
Map of Zone 1 beats (big file 1112 KB)
Map of Zone 2 beats (big file 1227 KB)
  All of North Buckhead is in Beat 203 of Zone 2
Map of Zone 3 beats (big file 803 KB)
Map of Zone 4 beats (big file 871 KB)
Map of Zone 5 beats (big file 997 KB)
Map of Zone 6 beats (big file 1012 KB)

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