A Tour of the Sarah Rawson Smith Elementary School Intermediate Campus

February 4, 2010  -- Photos by Gordon Certain

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Note: School was in session -- we limited pictures of occupied classrooms to protect their privacy



Our guide, Lisa Hermann,
in the lunch room.




The combined gym and auditorium.


The beautiful library.  It will soon be home of the Lorax (story below).



The computer lab.


Smart boards have largely taken the place of whiteboards and blackboards.


To understand the photo to the right, you need to understand the history.

A year ago, when the school was being built, almost two dozen neighbors assembled in the street to protest APS plans to cut down all the mature trees along Wieuca Road in front of the new school.  School officials including Katy Pattillo (who was then serving on the Board of Education) joined us to negotiate.  (The meeting was held with everyone standing in the middle of Whittington Drive at Wieuca Road.)    

I brought a copy of the Lorax in hopes of enlightening the school

Gordon Certain (left), Principal Dr. Baker (right), and the Lorax (center).

-- Photo by Sue Certain

 officials about saving trees.  (This Dr. Suess book is about the folly of focusing on short-term gains while ignoring environmental costs.  It was right on target that day.)  As we talked in the street, I handed the book to Katy.  

Ultimately, school officials agreed to save as many trees as they could  -- they said they had no idea the neighborhood cared about those old trees.  As we left the meeting, Katy gave the Lorax back to me and told me to give it to the school when it opened. 

Dr. Sidney Baker, the school's principal, was already familiar with the Lorax and was delighted to receive the book today.