North Buckhead Snowmen - January 19, 2008

Sue and I drove around parts of North Buckhead late this afternoon and saw lots of snowmen.  All together, we saw about 25 snowmen, most of which are shown below.  We visited only a few streets (North Ivy Rd, Glengary Dr, Valley Green Dr, Rickenbacker Dr and Way, Lakemoore Dr, Emma Lane,  Danube Rd, and only parts of Wieuca Rd, Loridans Dr and North Stratford Rd.)  There must have been a hundred snowmen in all of our neighborhood.  If we missed your snowman and you have a picture of it, email it to me and I'll add it. 

Gordon Certain

Click on any of the following pictures to see a larger version
Rachel Dorfman, George Pope, and Sarah Pope (L-R) 
Eric Muckenfuss, above

Pictures we received from the neighborhood:

Biz (L) and Pearl (R) visit a neighbor's snowman
- sent in by Alison Bearman
Sophie Kieffer and her snowman
Nathan & Thomas Barnette with their huge snowman


Max & Savannah Denton's 'snowpeople'