The following reports were made using the radar unit purchased by NBCA with the help of a generous grant from the Buckhead Coalition.  Incidentally, NBCA recently deployed a second unit, also with significant help from the Buckhead Coalition.

Where have NBCA's radars been so far? Click the map to see a larger PDF version.


Radar Reports (mostly in chronological sequence)

Wieuca Road Northbound at Ivy Road

Northbound Wieuca Speed Distribution
July 2013 - 1.4 million radar observations
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Old Ivy Road Eastbound at Old Ivy Lane

Old Ivy Road Westbound approaching Ivy Road - 8/23/10 through 9/22/10

Loridans Drive Westbound at Loridans Circle  - 9/13/10 through 9/20/10

Loridans Drive Westbound approaching Skyland Drive  - 7/29/10 through 9/13/10

Peachtree Dunwoody Road just north of Little Nancy Creek Park - 7/20/10 through 8/13/10

Wieuca Northbound at Ivy Road - 7/7/10 through 7/22/10
            [Northbound means towards Roswell Road]

Wieuca Northbound at Ivy Road - 5/19/10 through 6/14/10
            [Northbound means towards Roswell Road]

Wiueca Road - southbound at 4000 Wieuca Road (near Statewood Road) - 5/2/10 through 6/14/10
[Southbound means towards Peachtree Road]

Lakemoore Drive Westbound between Emma and Haverhill - 4/18/10 through 5/8/10

Wieuca Northbound at Ivy Road - 4/05/10 through 4/21/10
            [Northbound means towards Roswell Road]

Old Ivy Road Eastbound at Old Ivy Lane - 3/31/10 through 4/17/10


Supplemental Material

3/26/10 Note: this web page about NBCA's radar mentioned on page 2 in Robert Sarkissian's article in the March Newsletter is at http://www.nbca.org/BCN/radar/Software/index.htm



With considerable help from the Buckhead Coalition, NBCA purchased a radar device.

The email we sent to the neighborhood explains some of the background (among other things).

Here are some analyses we have done, all on Wieuca Road at Pinecrest Road.