Nancy Creek Tunnel Visit

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Visit to R M Clayton site in NW Atlanta (2/5/03)
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Tour Group (left to right)
Ade Abon - City of Atlanta
Ed Easterlin - Citizen's Advisory Committee
Gordon Certain - NBCA/Citizen's Advisory Committee
Sy Liebman - NPU-A/Technical Advisory Committee
Mary Norwood - Atlanta City Council
Mike Robinson - Jordan, Jones & Goulding
Clair Muller - Atlanta City Council
Walda Lavroff - NPU-B/Citizen's Advisory Committee
Ade Abon - City of Atlanta
Walda Lavroff - NBCA/NPU-B Chair

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The RM Clayton construction shaft ( one of three Nancy Creek Tunnel construction shafts)
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Tunnel diagram - the shaft is 130' deep! (and getting deeper by the day) Looking down 130'

On the way down...
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The man-carrier basket A crane lowers the basket into the shaft
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Clair, Mary and Ed inside the basket, enjoying the smooth ride Taro Nonaka - Obayashi
Tony Gomez - City of Atlanta
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Looking down from inside the basket

The walls of the shaft are partially wet, principally at 50' from surface, where the soil meets solid bedrock
At the bottom
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The crew was preparing to load explosives for another round of blasting

Holes drilled in the floor are marked with red plastic to facilitate loading them with explosives It was generally dry at the bottom.  A sump pump sucked up what leakage there was coming from the sides of the shaft
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Clair and Walda point toward Roswell Road

View of the smallest of three tunnels being constructed off of the main shaft


Visit to Roswell Road Construction Shaft Site (2/5/03)

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Looking across Roswell Road at the green sound walls surrounding the construction site View at site looking south

View at site looking north

Putting heavy blast-containment cover over explosives in pit
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Blast cover (upper left: covered with black rubber sheets) is being lowered by crane to cover pit 

Cover (covered with straw bales) is now in place.

The huge gray cylinder by the green fence in the background is a form to be used to line the shaft with concrete. 

Under the cover: layers of steel mesh and 6' of dirt to muffle the blast of 1,800 pounds of explosives buried in 120 holes in the rock

Pulling the blast cord from the pit across Roswell Road to Post Chastain
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Once everything was ready, a worker unrolled blast cord on his way across Roswell Road
The blast cord burns at thousands of feet per second when ignited

Safely across Roswell Road at Post Chastain, with traffic stopped by police, final preparations are made for the detonation
The detonation (no pictures)
Actually, not really BOOM!  The explosion was certainly noticeable, but surprisingly un-noisy.  The ground rolled briefly, but distinctly -- Mike's people checked their four seismographs and were apparently happy with the limited ground shaking.

The crew was kind enough to let me (Gordon) set off the blast!  I stomped the igniter which lit the blast cord-- I never imagined I would ever blow up a huge quantity of explosives!  And, as Walda and I said to each other, we have heard much louder car wrecks.

Other tunnel information on NBCA's web site