Tree Replacement Suggestions

On December 3, NBCA sent out an email asking for suggested tree planting sites in the city right-of-way or other city property.  In addition to several previous suggestions to plant trees at the site of the new school at 4141 Wieuca Road and perhaps at Chastain Park we got 4 recommendations.  All are on public property (2 city right-of-way, 1 city park, 1 GDOT right-of-way).  See this document for details.  NBCA has taken no position on these suggestions. 

Public Works Construction Plans

The following diagrams were provided by the City of Atlanta Department of Public Works on November 12, 2009.

Wieuca Road Recommendations

10/7/09 Downloads:

Letter: Wieuca Road Recommendations

October 7, 2009

Howard Shook
City Council, District 7
55 Trinity Ave SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Joseph Basista
Commissioner of Public Works
55 Trinity Ave SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

The new Sarah Smith School campus on Wieuca Road will be a significant addition to our community.  The placement of the school on such a heavily traveled road with its attendant danger to students and staff is of concern.  We are reaching out to the proper authorities to guarantee that the needed safety measures be implemented promptly.    

This letter provides information about the student population potentially walking to the new school campus, about neighborhood sentiments regarding the desirability of various types of infrastructure improvements, and recommends a set of changes this association believes are necessary to provide a safe environment for school students, residents and drivers who use area streets.

In this report we identify 29 areas requiring action, almost all of which must be accomplished promptly.

         TRAFFIC SIGNALS AND ALL-WAY STOPS – 4 intersections require action

         SPEED LIMITS AND SPEED ENFORCEMENT – 2 streets require action

         SIDEWALKS – 11 areas of action required

         CROSSWALKS – 9 crosswalks at 8 intersections require action

         SIGNAGE AND OTHER – 3 areas of action are required

The following is a list of exhibits to this letter with a brief comment about their purpose. 

This document identifies the student population living within one mile of the school and contains maps showing their walking path to the school under several different scenarios.

This 130-page report analyzes 336 resident responses to survey questions about Wieuca Road.  The report documents substantial neighborhood support for a number of improvements along the road needed to provide safe use of the new school campus.

The NBCA board has defined the specific nature of the improvements we think necessary, consistent with and supporting exhibits A and B.  

This association believes that improvements along Wieuca Road must be accomplished in phases.

PHASE 1.     Initial changes needed for safe access to the school.  In particular, this plan should identify a safe and affordable plan for the student population identified in EXHIBIT A.  

PHASE 2.     Determine the impact of these changes in the spring of 2010.

PHASE 3.     Recommend and implement additional follow-on improvements for Wieuca Road. 

With the scheduled school opening breathing down our necks, NBCA urges the City to embrace these findings and recommendations so that they become a blueprint around which we can all rally, and to implement them with dispatch.  NBCA stands ready to support this critical effort. 

Again, the issues are the safety of our children and the residential character of our neighborhood.


    [Original signed by]    

Gordon Certain
President, North Buckhead Civic Association

cc: Mayor Shirley Franklin


Note: Referenced exhibits are available on-line at




Wieuca Road Survey

September 27, 2009

This page is about the opinion survey conducted by NBCA On September 19-22, 2009 about proposed changes on Wieuca Road related to the opening of the new Sarah Smith campus and to traffic calming on Wieuca Road.  The report is provided in segments since the entire report is quite long.

September 27, 2009

Dear Reader,

As you know, the Atlanta Public Schools is building another campus for Sarah Smith Elementary at 4141 Wieuca Road.  The building is nearing completion.  In order to make the school accessible, the City of Atlanta must make changes on the city streets and rights of way.  A plan is being developed so that students can reach the school and get back home and do so in a safe manner.  Since speeding on Wieuca Road has been a constant concern to many Wieuca Road residents and will likely be a concern for the new population of students and parents at the new campus, the plan must address those concerns, too.    

The city traffic and sidewalk planners in Public Works need to understand what the neighborhood’s feelings are about potential solutions.   Accordingly, this association set out to gather information about community sentiments on a number of questions related to how students should get to school and back home.  Related information about the entire Wieuca Road corridor was also sought.  The result is this report about response to our web-based survey conducted on September 19-22.     

Please read the Executive Summary to see exactly what data were collected and consult the Table of Contents to see how the reminder of the report is organized.  For those who are in a hurry, these are some highlights:

The report’s Narrative Comments section includes every comment and “other” answer provided by the survey respondents.  All respondent names have been removed and replaced by codes (response numbers, street names and NBCA membership status).  While reading this section, if a few comments seem insensitive, remember that people sometimes offer stronger opinions on-line and via email than they do in face-to-face settings. 

Thanks so much to all the participants who made this report possible.  It is a credit to their sense of community that 336 neighbors took the time to answer our 18 question survey and to offer copious comments.

I would also like to thank NBCA’s Board for their support and especially thank Robert Sarkissian, NBCA’s Traffic Chair.  Robert has worked tirelessly since 2000, sometimes without the assistance of other volunteers, to make North Buckhead traffic as tolerable as possible.  He has also written informative articles in our North Buckhead Newsletter (see Reference Documents) about traffic and the issues the new school campus brings to the neighborhood.

I would also like to thank the many concerned neighbors who have sent their emails and attended our board meetings to share their concerns about the new school and Wieuca.  Their thoughts helped shape the questions we asked.  

And, finally I want to thank our government officials who are helping on this over all Wieuca effort.  They are too numerous to list except for a few:  

We hope the city will be able to use this report and the information they have collected to develop and implement the best possible solutions for Wieuca Road, given the engineering, schedule and funding realities.

If you have any comments or questions about this survey, please send them to or NBCA, PO Box 420391, Atlanta, GA 30342.

Gordon Certain - NBCA President


Report Table of Contents (all links are to PDF documents)

Cover and Table of Contents                                           2 pages

Overview Letter  (available immediately above)                 2 pages

Executive Summary                                                      16 pages

Survey Response Rates And Demographic Information      11 pages

Respondents’ Narrative Comments                                 84 pages

Methodology and Disclaimers                                         2 pages

Reference Documents                                                  11 pages


Entire Report Document                                             130 pages (2.5 MB)