2014 Winter
Mid-February Ice in North Buckhead (and elsewhere)

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More North Buckhead pictures at www.facebook.com/NorthBuckheadCivicAssociation

Mandy Bauer (Wieuca Road) - First is Wieuca Road at Wieuca Trace, second is of my backyard (on Wieuca Road).


Nancy Riggs (Wieuca Road - I took this yesterday to use as a Valentine shot for Piccadilly Puppets' Facebook page.  www.piccadillypuppets.org.


Ryan Briley (Loridans Drive) - Our dog's name is Nova


Bill Callahan (Wieuca Road) - 'Bluebirds in the Spring


Amy & John Dwyer (Ivy Knoll) - Here is a photo we took this morning of our back yard. A beautiful winter scene!


Deanna Kurek (Rickenbacker Drive) - An icy scene in the Blue Heron Nature Preserve! Hope everyone is safe! Deanna Kurek - #2 From my backyard Which backs into the Blue Heron Nature Preserve. A Wintery Icy Wonderland!


Katherine Mitchell (Stratford Place) - View from a window early this morning.


Marcus Remmers (Mountain Drive) - Enclosed a winter weather photo of our snow princess (in front of our home on Mountain Dr) made by Dani and Marie Amalia Remmers.

Looks like we picked the right time window this morning: Now, 4hs later all the snow has already gone and we could not save Princess Frosty!


Caitlin Russell (Land O'Lakes Drive) - Sledding down Land O Lakes Drive. Caitlin, Eva, and Julia Russell Caitlin Russell (Land O'Lakes Drive) - Julia and Eva Russell,
and Eliza Gaskill with “Bob”


Anne Stern (Carmain Drive) - All images from Carmain Dr.


Gordon Certain (North Ivy Road) - Icy photos from our yard.


Pictures of Blue Heron Nature Preserve (4055 Roswell Road) from BHNP President Kevin McCauley (Chateaugay Lane)


Connie and Ted Jacobson (McClatchey Circle) - We were skiing Beaver Creek, CO while Atlanta had the ice storm.