The following is the text of the 2015 North Buckhead Subway Survey


North Buckhead Civic Association Streetcar Survey
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Atlanta's Beltline agency has proposed a streetcar system -- see for details.  This survey is being conducted to provide you the opportunity to express your opinions, for or against, about various aspects of their proposed streetcar system to our city's leaders.

Your name and the opinions you express in this survey will be provided to Atlanta officials (including Mayor and City Council), the Buckhead Community Improvement District, and to the Beltline agency.  Summary results, but not personal information, will be provided to news agencies and published by NBCA.  Thank you for your participation. 

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Atlanta's Beltline agency has proposed a future streetcar route on Peachtree Road from the Midtown area up through the Buckhead Village as far as to the Buckhead MARTA Station in North Buckhead, maybe farther.  Do you favor such a streetcar system operating on Peachtree Road?
Yes - I favor adding streetcar service on Peachtree Road.
No - I oppose adding streetcar service on Peachtree Road.
The Peachtree Road streetcar proposal is part of a larger Beltline proposal to set up a second taxpayer-financed transit system in the City of Atlanta at an added cost of several billion dollars.  (The Beltline projected a $3.6 billion cost in 2014.)  Do you favor having a second transit system in addition to MARTA?  
Yes - we need a second system
No - we don't need a second system
Do you have additional comments about the Beltline's streetcar proposal or about this survey? 

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