North Buckhead Master Plan Survey


November 4, 2014


Click this link to take this important survey.


The survey will close for inputs at 11:59PM on November 19, 2014



The following is the introduction to the survey.  It should be useful to you to read it before you start the survey.




This survey is about the North Buckhead Master Plan.  Its draft report lists key plan policies and projects. These might be great ideas or may have huge gaps and misplaced priorities.  Most of you didn't come to our planning meetings.  This is your last chance to say what we got right and what we missed, so the plan reflects the entire neighborhood’s needs and opinions. 

Our plan will go to the City Council next March to be approved and incorporated into the Code of Ordinances.  It will guide what happens in North Buckhead for a decade or more.

The survey includes summaries of the draft Plan and provides links to detail sections of the draft, should you be interested.   To see the entire draft report, click here. It is not necessary to read the entire report in order to take this survey.

The survey is organized by topic:


 *Land Use

 *Park and Open Space


 *Infrastructure and Facility

 *Urban Design & Historic Preservation

We distilled the draft plan to just twelve questions, one for each topic's policies and one for its projects. Each question has a text box.  Use it to comment on whether policies or projects should be removed, or new ones added.  Remember to mention which policy or project you are commenting on.

The survey is anonymous. We only ask for your street name and your relationship to North Buckhead (resident, worker, and so forth).